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Hello, and welcome to the website for Medical Anti-Aging Specialists, P.C. My name is Susan McIntosh and I am a Registered Nurse who is nationally certified in Botox administration and Dermal Fillers. I have been performing injections for over 15 years and also own a training company where I teach physicians and nurses on how to perform these procedures. Nearly 10 years ago I began to see the increasing popularity of facial injections being performed to help soften wrinkles due to aging. I also began to see a trend in the number of friends, coworkers and professionals that decided to spend their hard earned money on Botox and Dermal Fillers, but were ultimately dissatisfied with the whole process, and many were unhappy with the results.

After extensive research, I found two problems that I knew I could fix. The first problem was that most of these types of injections were being performed by physicians as a side line service to add to their current practice services. Since many physicians did several types of services in their offices, they tended not to be a specialist in the art of facial injections. The second problem was the bedside manner given to women who had questions. Being a women, and a nurse, I saw first hand the need for a solid bedside manner and how time taken with a person looking to have these procedures done was invaluable. Most women I talked to felt intimated to ask the questions they felt were needed to be answered, and were rushed in and out with the whole experience lacking personal attention.

Seeing the need and the ability to fix this problem, I became a nationally certified facial injection specialist who specializes in Botox and Dermal Fillers. Over the years, I have became so proficient in the reduction of facial lines and wrinkles, I was asked to put together a national training company to teach other physicians and nurses on the best way to treat clients. I have built a client following numbering several thousand and treat people out of 26 spa locations throughout Macomb and Oakland counties. My client list mainly features women of all types (and men) and from all over the US and Canada. I treat celebrities, politicians and have even been featured as an injection professional on a reality show.

I have added a new procedure to my practice it is called CoolSculpting. Chick on the CoolSculpting link on the left for more information.

If you are considering these types of procedures, or are not satisfied with the results you have seen in the past, then I suggest you give me a call. I personally see all my own clients, and I am the only injection specialist you will meet with and be treated by. My reputation as a specialist in this field is unchallenged and my commitment to my clients satisfaction is unwavering. My consultations are at no cost and no pressure.

Susan McIntosh, RN, BSN, BBA, CLNC
Registered Nurse/Injection Specialist
President / CEO, Medical Anti-Aging Specialist, PC